Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wow, that was hot.

Today was a hot one. Not quite "my cleats melted when I was standing on the field" hot but definitely "I'm just standing here in the shade but I'm sweating" hot.

Hot enough that we only played two games to seven. Thanks, everybody, for coming out and hitting the field! (I won't even hold it against those of you who decided to play another sport instead... Juan.)

Let's try it again on Thursday.


  1. TOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOT!!! (Too hot.)
    ~Sari :)

  2. Yea next time you need to go swimming. :) It felt SOOOOOOO good. It was way to hot...

  3. Yeah - there's definitely something to the idea of a "heat index". It felt even hotter than the thermometer said, I think.