Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saturday Ultimate this week!

Looking forward to a game, everyone! I don't have the very latest on Mr. Sterling but his hand IS broken. Now, let's not get too carried away... After all, it is only one bone and not even one of the big ones.

Seriously though, I saw the X-Ray and it was a pretty impressive snap. We're currently waiting for the news on whether Mr. Sterling gets to be bionic or at least have some metal plating installed to hold him together. Please pray that the pain will be minimal, that surgery will not be necessary and he is able to work with all fingers soon.

By the way, this brings to mind a caution: Though David Sterling has studied martial arts for several years, a simple hand strike on "Iron Ike" Bulman shattered his bone like balsa wood. Watch out for that kid! (And, remember, sometimes he jumps into the air! Be like dropping an air conditioner on you if he falls on top of you.)

Hope everyone (mostly) can play!


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  1. Ok ok i'm not that big so i dout its like an AC unit