Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beautiful night of Ultimate!

Wow! Some evenings just come together in fun, weather, fellowship and overall satisfaction. This was one of those times, I think. Some excellent playing all around and though the first game had a few too many folks on the field, the balance seemed to be struck when we moved to two fields. The only improvement for me would be to be able to play a small game with everyone at the same time (yes, that is a paradox).

Thanks, all, for hitting the field tonight.

We even got to see a fireworks show in a glorious sky set by the Almighty.

Like I said, wow.

Please note: Next week's game will be Thursday evening again but the Sterlings will not be on-site until later on in the night. Therefore, there will be no hanging about in the house and bring your water unless you like it from the hose...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Game on, I believe...

Tomorrow evening at 6:30 at Sterling Lavender Fields.

See you there!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wow, that was hot.

Today was a hot one. Not quite "my cleats melted when I was standing on the field" hot but definitely "I'm just standing here in the shade but I'm sweating" hot.

Hot enough that we only played two games to seven. Thanks, everybody, for coming out and hitting the field! (I won't even hold it against those of you who decided to play another sport instead... Juan.)

Let's try it again on Thursday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Only thing up in the air will be the disc!

Saturday morning Ultimate this week! At the same time - 10 and the same place - Sterlingville Sink Recycling Center and Construction Zone.

Here's the only possible issue: We are having guests overnight tonight. Now, they're on their way to Florida from Massachusetts and will have another 8.5 hours of driving to get where they're going so the plan is an early breakfast and out the door. That said, there are often challenges in mobilizing forces after overnight inertia has set in so, I may run late to the game. I therefore designate Anthony and Juan to get things going if I'm not there (y'all should be able to scrounge up discs).
***Update! Just got a call and our guests will probably continue driving tonight instead of staying over. Ultiman should be there at 10 for the game, therefore.

By the way, the visit should be a nice one! These are friends from our original Bible study (my first) early on in the UltiMrs/Ultiman, and though we haven't seen one another in a few years, they are the kind of friends with whom one can easily pick up. And, they just bought a fifteen-passenger van so they're on the right track. (Of course, they were running out of options as, though when we knew them they had three children, now they've adopted one more and have three current foster children aged 2, 2 and 1. - Great stuff!)

Anyway, even if I'm tardy, my Ultiminions, get playing and I'll be there as soon as possible.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thursday Night this week.

One of those days. Saturday was a good Ultimate day. Lots of faces back in the game. Some solid competition and actual playing until, at the end, several of us were really working to drag ourselves up the field.

Important reminder: Even on overcast days, one can still be burned. (Yes, I knew that but I've had the opportunity to revisit the lesson.)

Still brighter pink than normal,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saturday Ultimate this week!

Looking forward to a game, everyone! I don't have the very latest on Mr. Sterling but his hand IS broken. Now, let's not get too carried away... After all, it is only one bone and not even one of the big ones.

Seriously though, I saw the X-Ray and it was a pretty impressive snap. We're currently waiting for the news on whether Mr. Sterling gets to be bionic or at least have some metal plating installed to hold him together. Please pray that the pain will be minimal, that surgery will not be necessary and he is able to work with all fingers soon.

By the way, this brings to mind a caution: Though David Sterling has studied martial arts for several years, a simple hand strike on "Iron Ike" Bulman shattered his bone like balsa wood. Watch out for that kid! (And, remember, sometimes he jumps into the air! Be like dropping an air conditioner on you if he falls on top of you.)

Hope everyone (mostly) can play!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Now, it's a party!

Just a few players tonight for a game of Ultimate followed by a couple games of Box. The weather was just about perfect and we even had a peanut gallery (including the UltiMrs who refused to hug yours truly - cannot say I blame her, as even in the low 80s, either I was caught in an extremely localized shower or... you get the picture). Everything went swimmingly, meaning Ultiman's teams were winning, until the second game of Box when Mr. Sterling attempted the little known and even more rarely practiced "Fifth Metacarpal Hip Block" on Ike, where one attempts to curtail the momentum of an opponent's body with only the pinky finger, in this case, of one's left hand. Though the block had some success in preventing Ike from scoring, the perpetrator of said "FMH Block" had to leave the field and spent the remainder of the evening discussing theology (with the multi-talented Ultiman) while gritting his teeth and holding frozen peas on his hand. (Mr. Sterling was planning to visit the ER to check what seems a likely break - updates on his condition will be posted here as they come in.)

Please add Mr. Sterling's hand to your prayers, that he might be able to work (programming requires typing, I understand) with as little pain and as quick a recovery as possible - so that he can play Ultimate.