Thursday, July 1, 2010

Now, it's a party!

Just a few players tonight for a game of Ultimate followed by a couple games of Box. The weather was just about perfect and we even had a peanut gallery (including the UltiMrs who refused to hug yours truly - cannot say I blame her, as even in the low 80s, either I was caught in an extremely localized shower or... you get the picture). Everything went swimmingly, meaning Ultiman's teams were winning, until the second game of Box when Mr. Sterling attempted the little known and even more rarely practiced "Fifth Metacarpal Hip Block" on Ike, where one attempts to curtail the momentum of an opponent's body with only the pinky finger, in this case, of one's left hand. Though the block had some success in preventing Ike from scoring, the perpetrator of said "FMH Block" had to leave the field and spent the remainder of the evening discussing theology (with the multi-talented Ultiman) while gritting his teeth and holding frozen peas on his hand. (Mr. Sterling was planning to visit the ER to check what seems a likely break - updates on his condition will be posted here as they come in.)

Please add Mr. Sterling's hand to your prayers, that he might be able to work (programming requires typing, I understand) with as little pain and as quick a recovery as possible - so that he can play Ultimate.


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