Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Only thing up in the air will be the disc!

Saturday morning Ultimate this week! At the same time - 10 and the same place - Sterlingville Sink Recycling Center and Construction Zone.

Here's the only possible issue: We are having guests overnight tonight. Now, they're on their way to Florida from Massachusetts and will have another 8.5 hours of driving to get where they're going so the plan is an early breakfast and out the door. That said, there are often challenges in mobilizing forces after overnight inertia has set in so, I may run late to the game. I therefore designate Anthony and Juan to get things going if I'm not there (y'all should be able to scrounge up discs).
***Update! Just got a call and our guests will probably continue driving tonight instead of staying over. Ultiman should be there at 10 for the game, therefore.

By the way, the visit should be a nice one! These are friends from our original Bible study (my first) early on in the UltiMrs/Ultiman, and though we haven't seen one another in a few years, they are the kind of friends with whom one can easily pick up. And, they just bought a fifteen-passenger van so they're on the right track. (Of course, they were running out of options as, though when we knew them they had three children, now they've adopted one more and have three current foster children aged 2, 2 and 1. - Great stuff!)

Anyway, even if I'm tardy, my Ultiminions, get playing and I'll be there as soon as possible.


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