Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let's play!

Ultiman has been torn. Not muscles or tendons (as has sometimes occurred in the past) but with the amount of time in the day. Finally, it looks like a Saturday morning will be playable if you can make it out to the field!

Back to the good old 10 AM timeslot. Should be sunny and maybe make it to 70 during the game - in other words a perfect day to play.

Come on out!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Business as usual.

Okay all, thanks for coming out yesterday! Aside from the gnats and the ground being drier and (as a consequence) harder on people's feet, it sure was a good day to be with you. I must admit, it is truly a joy for me to see so many of you out there playing!

This week there will be no game - too much going on for your friendly, neighborhood Ultiman.

We should be hitting the field again next week.

By the way, the link below will probably be useful for many:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Saturday Game...

An oddity, everyone - special 3 PM game this week so my original inspiration has the opportunity to come out with us! Yes, folks, the UltiMrs' brother, Jason, will be here to show us what happens to one who plays for TOO LONG. You get old and battered before your time, needing knee braces (no offense, Ron) to play and generally having to rely on craftiness to get by instead of athleticism - oh, wait... Ummm. That's my issue...

Anyway, though younger than yours truly, Jason's been playing more years and still loves the sport so there must be something going on.

Come on out and have some fun! Looks like the high of 85 is going to be cooler than the rest of the upcoming ten days so let's take advantage.

Peace, my ultiminions,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saturday Ultimate this week.

Okay, all, we're playing on Saturday morning this week - going on the earlier side to account for both the weather and some work that some folks need to do in the afternoon.

Same place as usual at good ole' Sterlingville Flats.

By the way, our responses were broken-out as follows:
9 Thursday Night
6 Saturday Morning
12 Friday Night
3 Whenever

I have a strange feeling that as the season turns and it starts getting dark earlier and cooler during the day, we'll see a shift to the morning option, and the poll may have been affected by the interns having dinners with families on Thursdays but it did take me by surprise to get over half of the replies desiring a Friday night game.

Who says Ultiman doesn't listen to the vox populi? We'll start rotating-in Fridays with a bit more regularity (and, I'll try to find new batteries for my light-up discs).

With Joy!