Friday, August 6, 2010

Where we stand...

After last night's non-game, I'm feeling somewhat deprived...

Trying to figure out another day for a game, sooner rather than later but uncertain of when and how that will come together. More to come on that topic.

Must admit, I love thunderstorms! However, when it comes to playing Ultimate, I'll play in the cold, the rain, the snow, roaring wind, on ice and in sun that puts my oven's broiler to shame but not in lightning and there was plenty of that yesterday evening. Even enough that the UltiMrs had dealt with a brief loss of power and some nervous munchkins by the time I got home. Praise God for the rain that waters the earth and in the glory of His majesty!

By the way, there's a new blog dedicated to Hope Moving Services so this one can stick to Ultimate. It is linked on the side and here:

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