Monday, August 16, 2010

Always risky...

Okay, Ultiminions,

I'm trying to figure out the best time(s) to get the most players on the field.

Please vote in the poll above and comment on this post with your preference and the reasoning if you want (for example, generally none of the interns will be able to play on Thursday nights - not building the schedule around them, of course but they are trapped in the office all week...).

By the way, your friendly neighborhood Ultiman has played a couple of outside pickup games to keep his skills sharp and the less-than-half-his-age ultiminions in their places for as long as possible. One of the new games is in Wake Forest and I'll let you know the details if you like about who's playing there and when and where.

Peace, out.


  1. I voted for Saturday, but you may want to discount my vote because right now we are working on our old house so we can not come then. But hopefully I can some sometimes when we are done with that.

  2. My agenda always seems to take away any chance I have of attending the games, so Saturday is a big no for me (The clinics). Fridays seem to be great! Not that my schedule is that empty on it anyway.

    ~P.T.R.R. II

  3. Thursday or Saturday. Fridays we sometimes have people over. But some times we don't. So it just really depends on the week.